Hello all!
I am Nina Swan, designer of the Label “Faeriecat” from Hamburg, Germany. After graduating in 2007 at the AMD in Hamburg, I founded the label "Morgaine La Chatte" under which I sold her my designs. Since then I have designed numerous corsets, wedding dresses and fitted together outfits for photo shoots, music videos and concerts. 2016 I decided for a new start under the name "Faeriecat". "Morgaine La Chatte" turned into "Faeriecat" a label that specializes more on accessories, feather headdresses and kokoshniks. Faericat specializes in everything what turns your outfit into something special, distinctive and points out you and your kind of type.
In each of us rests a magical creature that sometimes wants to come out. Whether everyday life or special occasion, Faeriecat always brings a little bit of pixie dust in your life! With my designs I try to underline all your uniqueness and hope that you can find what you're looking for.
I also do enjoy modeling a lot, as I modeled for quite a lot of my creations. I very much enjoy traveling and discovering different cultures and I often try to connect both passions with each other. I really like to visit goth festivals as WGT, Amphi or M'era Luna and like to spread my very own art at these gatherings.

I would like to offer you my newest collection of jewelry with skeleton cameos, feather apparel, opulent headdresses as kokoshniks with lace and pearls, necklaces and postcards. Some of it with the latest achievements of technology, the lasercut method, but still reminiscent of earlier times and magical worlds.